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Vietnam War

history of vietnam
Vietnam War

History of Vietnam

The history of Vietnam can be traced back to around 20,000 years ago, as the first modern humans arrived and settled on this land, known

battle of saigon
Vietnam War

Battle of Saigon 1955

The final battle between Diệm’s VNA and the Bình Xuyên began on April 28 at mid-day.[1] After initial small-arms fire and mortar exchanges, the VNA

operation vulture
Vietnam War

Operation Vulture

Table of Contents Operation Vulture was the name of a US operation planned to rescue French troops from a B-29 raid into the Philippines during

ho chi minh trail
Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Ho Chi Minh Trail (Vietnamese: Đường mòn Hồ Chí Minh), also called Annamite Range Trail (Vietnamese: Đường Trường Sơn) was a logistical network of

north vietnamese invasion of laos
Vietnam War

North Vietnamese Invasion of Laos

Fighting broke out all along the border with North Vietnam.[1] North Vietnamese Army regular units participated in attacks on July 28–31, 1959.[1] These operations established

strategic hamlet program
Vietnam War

Strategic Hamlet Program

The Strategic Hamlet Program (SHP; Vietnamese: Ấp Chiến lược ) was a plan by the government of South Vietnam in conjunction with the US government

buddhist crisis
Vietnam War

Buddhist Crisis

In South Vietnam, a country where the Buddhist majority was estimated to comprise between 70 and 90 percent of the population in 1963,[2][3][4][5][6] President Ngô

1963 south vietnamese coup
Vietnam War

1963 South Vietnamese Coup

Diệm’s road to political power began in July 1954 when he was appointed the Prime Minister of the State of Vietnam by former Emperor Bảo